Applegate Valley Lavender Farm

The Thompson Family
Our Story


We're farming the land that my parents previously owned. As a child my father lived on a homestead property here in the Applegate Valley. Years later when my parents decided to retire in Oregon I helped them look at properties. When it came time for them to make their decision, I told them I thought this property had a lot of potential for them, never did I think someday I would own it.

In 2004 when mom and dad decided to move into a retirement community, we decided to buy the farm and wanted to find a crop to utilize more of the land. I had just read two articles that predictated the Applegate Valley could be the next Napa due to it's climate. The Applegate Valley has a climate very similar to France’s Bordeaux region full of Lavender Fields and Vineyards. My maternal grandmother, Irene Jeanne David Osborn, was born in St. Emilion, France in the Bordeaux region.

So I thought a crop that would compliment the incoming vineyards would be good and Lavender it was. We traveled to the 2004 Lavender Festival in Sequim, WA to see what it was all about. We were impressed with what this community was doing with Lavender and Agri-tourism and thought with our climate and location we could do it too, and so began our Lavender Journey. We planted our first plants in 2005 and held the first Lavender Festival in Southern Oregon in 2011.

In addition to Lavender we're also raising Grass Fed Beef, Olde English Babydoll Sheep, Sebastopol Geese, ducks and chickens.
Our farm is one of several family-owned agribusinesses in the heart of the Applegate Valley taking advantage of the fertile soil and nurturing climate. Among our farming neighbors are numerous organic farms and vineyards.
We're currently growing eight varieties of lavender and offer many lavender products.

Come visit us during our Lavender Bloom and experience for yourself the fragrance and beauty of a lavender field in bloom.

Our Farm is located in the beautiful, sunny Applegate Valley, between Grants Pass, known for "It's Climate" and the historic Gold Rush Town Jacksonville. We are right on Hwy 238 between the Provolt and Applegate Stores.